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Why I Am Excited About These New Clean Eating Frozen Meals

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Sometimes clean eating can be a challenge, especially when it comes to convenience. So many times, I have wanted to pick up some good frozen meals with clean ingredients labels, only to be left empty handed because so many of the brands do not use whole grains and/or add a bunch of sugar and preservatives to their meals. So, that is why I am pretty excited to share with you the New EatingWell® frozen meals at Target. Finally, I have a source for healthy and clean frozen meals!  Just in time, since my life has been crazy busy lately!

The entire summer has been very busy for me, with a lot of ultra training and multiple ultra races, and fall looks to be about the same. Between work, blogging, training, and racing, I have been constantly on the go. My current  training schedule usually includes a minimum of four miles for a lunch-time weekday run, two longer early-morning weekday runs, and at least one long run on the weekend. I just got back from the Never Summer 100k in Colorado and still have a 100-mile race and a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run coming up. Here is a look at one section of the Never Summer course.  It took a lot of training for me to get there.

One of the biggest challenges with my hectic schedule is finding ways to eat clean and healthy for lunch that don’t require a ton of cooking time. I love to cook, but I also would rather be running than preparing lunches!  I have always been happy being able to pop a frozen meal into the microwave but, until now, finding something that fit my dietary needs could be a challenge. For example, I prefer to eat high protein meals, no sugar, few preservatives, and only whole grains. So, this is where the new EatingWell frozen meals come into play.

EatingWell® magazine has long been one of my favorite magazines for recipes. The magazine has been around for over 20 years ago, providing recipes to help people eat better with simple, real ingredients.  So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to do a post about their frozen meals because EatingWell has brought that same philosophy to their frozen products. These are not just clean label products, they are super tasty as well, and there are some nice unique cuisine options.  These are plated meals, made with real ingredients, that come with Fresh-Seal® packaging. Each meal has 1 cup of vegetables, whole wheat or whole grain, and all natural whole muscle protein. There are no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no PHO or MSG, the meals use BST and RBGH free dairy, and they have BPA free packaging.

Take, for example, this  EatingWell Cherry Port Pork frozen meal, which I cooked up for lunch quick and easy in my microwave.

The Fresh-Seal® packaging keeps the meal tasting fresh and it also makes cooking easy. No need to do anything other than pop it in the microwave.

This particular meal had a rather tasty cherry and port wine sauce, that I really liked. In fact, so far this is my favorite meal. I pretty much just stirred the potatoes and the pork into the sauce.  The meal is already plated, so there are no dirty dishes!

Chicken meals, such as this Chicken and Fingerling Potatoes dinner, have all white meat chicken.

Here is it cooked. This meal had a nice light mustard cream sauce and included asparagus, which is a favorite vegetable of mine that I don’t see all that often in frozen meals.

I bought more meals for my freezer so that I can grab them for my bag that I take to work. That way, I can run at lunch and then grab a quick EatingWell frozen meal when I get back to my desk. I love how quick and easy that is, plus there are no dirty dishes involved.  These meals are going to make sticking to my clean-eating plan much more convenient!

EatingWell is new to Target stores. At my store they were easily found in the freezer section, under the sign for single serve meals.

I am a meat eater, but EatingWell also has vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Learn more and see all of the meal choices here!

Angel fish

These meals are clean with whole grains, so they earn the angel icon!



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  1. I never eat frozen meals but my husband has been buying some to keep in the house. He’s home at lunch and when there’s nothing fresh he’ll turn to these. We’ll take a look at Target for these.

  2. that’s really amazing to find frozen meals that aren’t full of sugar or preservatives. For me, being gluten free, a lot of the options are loaded with a ton of sugar. I never thought I’d be an avid label reader, but here I am!

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