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Hi! I’m Carleen. I am a blogger, ultrarunner, and outdoor enthusiast in the Chicago area. I also love food!

Snack Rules began as a simple food blog divided into healthy (angelic) and decadent (devilish) recipes. But, after my views concerning what was and was not angelic or decadent began to change, and as I found a desire to create a space to write about my running, I decided in September 2017 to refocus the blog into a food oriented running and  lifestyle blog.

Here at Snack Rules, I also look to put some fun into your food. Each recipe is associated with a “Snack Rule”-a quote, quip, or saying related to the topic. These snack rules also have their own pages with shareable photos and a list of relevant recipes. ¬†Think of it as a different way to browse the recipes.

After Sept 2017, definitions of angelic and devilish recipes have changed too. Anything that is clean eating will be angelic. This means that it is made with fresh ingredients and lacks nearly any processed items (small amounts of condiments such as sriracha, etc will not disqualify something). ¬†Anything that has sugar added, artificial sweetener, or is heavy in grains will be devilish. I’m not taking fat into consideration for either category, but will add a categories for low fat, low carb, nsng, keto etc.

Now, bring out your inner angel or devil and find a new recipe to try today!

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