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BewellConnect MyTens Pro Review

Disclosure: I received a BewellConnect MyTens unit and compensation for this review. However, all opinions are my own.  

I have long been a fan of using TENS units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to manage pain and relax tight muscles. TENS units work by using electrostimulation to stimulate nerves, which interrupts pain signals that are sent to the brain. It can be great for muscular pain, especially back, leg and shoulder pain. When I had a crazy out of the blue back spasm a year or two ago, TENS was pretty much my lifesaver.  As an ultrarunner, I also love to use TENS for relieving muscle pain from running, especially if I have been having calf spasms, which I seem to be prone to. TENS is also good for basic relaxation and fitness stimulation if the unit has programs for that, which, the BeWellConnect MyTens does.

There are a fair number of TENS units on the market, but many of those are cheaply made and seem to lack very good instructions. I have purchased several different ones over the years and always would seem to find something lacking on each one. But now, the brand BewellConnect has taken care of that for me by releasing what I view as the perfect TENS unit for my needs. Unlike my other units, the BewellConnect MyTens unit is very high quality, portable, easy to use, and has easy to follow instructions. It is operated through the MyTens mobile app which shows pad placement and instructs on which program to use for the desired treatment goal.

I tested the The BewellConnect MyTens Pro ($249), which comes with 4 pods and 4 rectangular electrodes. The base model ($149) comes with 2 pods and 2 electrode pads. BewellConnect says that the pads should last for 15 to 20 sessions, but I suspect that they will last even longer as long as you care for them properly by keeping them away from pet hair and dust and properly store them on their plastic pad provided in the carrying case.  If deciding between the base model and the pro, I recommend the pro because at times four pods for placement is very useful. For example, I can do both calves at once with the pro.

There are multiple things that I really like about this device. First and foremost, it is high quality in terms of construction. The pods that the electrodes attach to are large and solid, and the electrodes are also large and super sticky. The unit is chargeable via micro USB, so you don’t have to mess with replacement batteries. Then, the app is super easy to use and has programs for pain relief, muscle stimulation, relaxation, and fitness.

Using the BewellConnect MyTens Unit

Use of the TENS unit is easy. First, charge the pods via USB and download the app (for free!) from the Apple or Google store.  Be sure that you have bluetooth functionality within your phone turned on. Next, open the app and choose your program from the four available options. For this demonstration, I set the unit for pain relief to use on my tight calf.

On the next screen, choose a body zone.  I chose my calf, which is always super tight and often needs work. You can flip between front and back views. TENS should not be used on the face and head, and the app will not let you select an area where it should not be used.  

The next screen lets you fine tune things by choosing your session. The menu dots can be used to pull up detailed information, and the instruction book provided with the unit also has detailed information. I chose muscular relaxation.

Connect the pods to the electrodes. I find this easiest to do by snapping the electrode on while it is still attached to the plastic holder.  The app will show you where to place them and ask you to indicate your pain level (only if you chose a pain relief program). Click start. Don’t worry, it won’t turn on yet. The next screen will tell you to be sure that your unit is turned on and it will connect via bluetooth. A green check mark on the screen will notify you that the MyTens is now connected to the app. The screen following the bluetooth connectivity allows you to start turning up the stimulation. It starts at zero and can go all the way to 60.

Click up the amount of stimulation to a comfortable level. TENS stimulation should never hurt, but should put you just outside of your comfort zone. The BewellConnect MyTENS unit is very adjustable in terms of strength of signal.  

So far, I am loving the BewellConnect MyTens unit. I particularly appreciate the app’s ease of use and images showing the proper electrode placement. I also love the ability to use it for more than just pain relief. The fitness and relaxation features on it are very useful. I find that my tight calves in particular respond well to the relaxation programs. My calf and lower leg tendons are pretty darn happy with it!

If you are in the market for a Tens unit I fully recommend the BewellConnect MyTens device! And now you can get one for 15% off using the Code: Carleen15

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  1. Wow, I have never heard of a device like this, but I am assuming it is similar to something that I used at physical therapy a few years ago for a hamstring pull. I can certainly see how, as an ultra marathoner, this device for home use would be very useful for you!

  2. I LOVE my tens unit – I even put one in my gift guide this year! This one sounds really cool – I like the app idea. Is there a tens unit anywhere that you can use on your face? I really want to find something to help my TMJ and headaches.

  3. Both my husband and father have used TENS units. We got it from the doctor but if my husband had needed it for longer we’d have bought one. It’s nice to know the name of a quality unit.

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